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Photovoltaic solar panels

Photovoltaic solar panels Today, there is a plethora of photovoltaic products on the market. So how do you make a choice? SOLIS first helps you determine the best possible strategy in order to offer you the most favorable ratio of efficiency to return on investment. favorable ratio of efficiency to return on investment.

To do this, SOLIS will first visit your home to check a number of parameters that are essential for the final result of your installation. Positioning, inclination, shadows, type of roofing are all aspects that should not be neglected. Not forgetting, of course, your expectations in terms of comfort.

The choice of the type of panel and the brand is also an important step, beyond the simple aesthetics. SOLIS accesses the best brands on the market, paying particular attention to the guarantees offered by each manufacturer. In addition to the basic guarantee of proper functioning, there is also a productivity guarantee that can be as high as 93% over 25 years (or even 40 years for some manufacturers) for the best products on the market.

SOLIS then assists you with the administrative procedures to validate the application for authorisation to work, prior to the start of the project. SOLIS can also take care of the application to sell surplus production to your energy supplier.

With the QUALIPV label, SOLIS is committed to a state-of-the-art installation, using only equipment approved by insurance companies. As such, SOLIS will provide you with details of its ten-year insurance policies at the same time as the quote.

Once the installation has been completed, SOLIS will connect and start up the system in your presence and train you to monitor photovoltaic production.

We advise you to take out a maintenance contract to ensure that your installation retains the best performance over time.

Solar thermal energy

Solar thermal systems are today particularly relevant solutions in our region for generating hot water (individual solar water heaters) or heating in combination with another energy source (combined solar thermal system).

These simply designed systems offer an undeniable ecological advantage with negligible electricity consumption.

SOLIS has QUALISOL CESI and QUALISOL COMBI certifications, allowing the implementation of these materials with all the guarantees of customer satisfaction.

These materials are eligible for energy renovation grants. Ask SOLIS for more information.

As with any energy production system, SOLIS recommends that you take out a maintenance contract to ensure that you maintain the best possible performance over time.

The PAC heat pump

One of the major challenges of the energy transition is to gradually abandon fossil fuels, which are both high CO2 emitters and generators of trade deficits for France in particular.

The heat pump responds to this need by generating substantial operating savings of up to 70% compared to a traditional boiler.

But to achieve this objective, it is necessary to call on a serious and recognised professional. SOLIS brings together the skills of qualified professionals with the necessary qualifications to provide you with the solution that will give you total satisfaction for a long time to come.

Indeed, SOLIS always starts the study of your project with a thermal assessment of your home to determine with you which technical solution is the most suitable. The sizing of your heat pump is a crucial element of your future satisfaction and return on investment.

Working with brands recognised for the quality of their equipment, SOLIS implements the installations in strict compliance with the manufacturers' recommendations. Particular attention is paid to the aesthetic integration of the equipment.

SOLIS is also aware that optimising the operation of this equipment requires the user to become familiar with it. SOLIS takes the necessary time to work with its customers to ensure that this transfer of skills takes place under the best possible conditions.

Finally, to ensure that the heat pump continues to function optimally over time, SOLIS proposes a maintenance contract at a particularly reasonable cost, which we will offer when we provide the initial quote.

Of course, SOLIS has all the necessary authorisations and insurance to enable you to benefit from public aid linked to Ma Prime Rénov.

Air conditioner

SOLIS will always offer you a preliminary thermal assessment before proposing the technical solution best suited to your home. The sizing of the installation is an essential element of your future satisfaction.

Indeed, there are several different technical options depending on whether SOLIS is involved in new or old buildings. Multi-split, fan coil, console or ductable, each solution has its own specific features to satisfy all requirements.

SOLIS has chosen to work only with leading air conditioning brands in order to guarantee peace of mind for its customers and long-term maintenance.

Finally, SOLIS attaches particular importance to the integration of its equipment by limiting the amount of ductwork required. To this end, particular care is taken to study the routing of the various cables and pipes (use of attics, crawl spaces, double partitions, etc.).

Charging stations for electric vehicles

The market for electric cars and rechargeable hybrids has grown rapidly in recent years.

SOLIS has IRVE accreditation for the installation of charging stations in a domestic area.

SOLIS can help you optimise the flow of electricity as part of a more global self-consumption project in connection with a particular photovoltaic production.

Do not hesitate to tell us about your projects, SOLIS will provide you with its expertise in this field. There are subsidies for the installation of charging stations that allow you to significantly reduce the installation costs.